The Story so far................................

I started entertaining Professionally in 1969 when I was 16 and started doing Childrens shows. Realising very early on that people wanted more than just Magic at a Childrens party so I started doing an Origami Workshop as I felt Children wanted to be "hands on".


From then I added more Workshops, namely, Magic, Balloon Modelling, Kite Making, Mask Making Marionette Making plus other "Special" Workshops for Customers like The Natural History Museum London.

From this more things were added to the Show over the years, namely;

Balloon Modelling


Punch & Judy

Children's Disco

Mac the Wizard

Father Christmas


I also have done Cabaret for many years and Theatres and also some TV (and still do)

I do Table Magic (Close Up) in many venues with the addition of Fortune Telling. Card Reading, Pendulum Reading, and Numerology, (the non Psychic type as well as the Psychic type).


All of the above is suitable for most venues and can be adapted to suit the venue and the event and is only limited by the imagination of those involved!!


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